A5, A5p, Ewan

Internet nerd, kind of a mess.

  • 22 y/o (20th Jan 2002) ♒

  • Male (he/him) ♂️

  • Possibly bisexual 🌈

  • Bri'ish 🇬🇧

  • Often doesn't sound bri'ish? 🤔


  • University graduate! 🎉 (taken Games Programming course)

  • Struggles when talking and relating to new people

  • Sometimes coming off as insensitive without meaning to

  • PC, PCVR and Switch gamer

  • Picky eater - should really uh, work on that?

  • Confused why people drink alcohol, consume drugs illegally, and smoke

  • Not looking for relationships in a romantic or suggestive sense. Maybe. It depends? It's complicated.


  • Currently playing in the Minecraft MianiteRPG server! Check my POV here!

  • YouTube content (includes Mianite series, VanossGaming, Markiplier, 2014 YouTube)

  • Digital drawing (light experience making fan-art, online persona, friend OCs)

  • Blockbench (Minecraft item creation -- cube-based modelling and texturing)

  • Certain indie games (OMORI, Inscryption, OneShot, Deltarune)

  • Multiplayer games (Halo Infinite, Minecraft, Fortnite (ugh;))

  • VR games (Beat Saber, BONELAB, VRChat, Pavlov, Compound, Pistol Whip)

  • Modding (Browsing Minecraft mods, and small interest in Inscryption and Beat Saber modded content creation)

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-4285-6324-2812




(How to pronounce A5py)